Château Péby Faugères



1823: the Esquissaud family acquired the estates of Châteaux Faugères and Péby Faugères.

1987: The land was inherited by Pierre-Bernard Guisez. Up to then, all the wine produced had been sold to a single local merchant. P. Guisez and his wife Corinne wanted to become more involved in the vineyards, setting out on a quest for the finest quality. Their wish was to see these exquisite terroirs become jewels in the crown of the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru appellation, a desire that was to be fulfilled in a short time with the help of Michel Rolland.

From the 2000 vintage onwards, the Château Faugères and Château Péby Faugères wines have taken a place of distinction among the very best. Robert Parker described the Péby Faugères as one of the "24 best Bordeaux wines" and "legend of the future".

In March 2005, the property was acquired by Silvio Denz - a perfume designer, lover of fine wines, owner of Lalique and of two wine merchants in Zurich, as well as Switzerland's largest wine auctioneers, "Denz Weine"


His portfolio also includes Château Cap de Faugères in the AOC Castillon-Côtes de Bordeaux. He is also associated with Peter Sisseck in the Château Rocheyron in AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru and is a partner in Montepeloso in Tuscany (Italy) and Clos d’Agon in Catalonia (Spain)

He is passionate about art and in particular René Lalique's creations. When he acquired Château Péby Faugères, he decided to rely on the exceptional clay and limestone soil to take the Château Péby Faugères wines to the heights, continuing the quest for quality and allowing the great Péby Faugères terroirs to express themselves to the full.

2012 : Château Péby Faugères becomes Grand Cru Classé.

With Michel Rolland and his team, Silvio Denz is carrying on the good work of Péby Guisez and turning an exceptional petit cru into a unique wine!