Château Péby Faugères



In the vineyard

Silvio Denz is intensifying the quest for excellence in order to evoke the finest expression of the great clay and limestone soil of Château Péby Faugères, keeping a watchful eye with his team over the 7.45 hectares of vines.

This is a labour of love which takes time, hard work and meticulous care throughout the vegetation cycle, ensuring optimal ripening of the fruit as the harvest approaches.

In the cellar

The same is true in the winery at Château Péby Faugères. The goal as far as Silvio Denz is concerned is a never-ending quest to improve the quality of the wine at every stage of production, deploying the very latest technology.

With the support of Michel Rolland and a set of specifications to cover internal procedures, everything is bent on ensuring that this exceptional terroir is able to produce its finest expression.